David Nolan, also called Prince Charming or just Charming, is a main character in Once Upon a Time. He is the husband of Snow White and the father of Emma Swan. He worked at the Storybrooke Animal Shelter while under the Dark Curse. He has dirty blond hair and blue eyes, and is portrayed by Josh Dallas.


Back in the Enchanted Forest, David was raised on a farm with his mother. However, they were very poor and barely made a living until one day when David's twin brother - who had been adopted by the king - died in battle, and David had to take his place. David became a prince and was arranged to get married to Kathryn until he met Snow White. Snow and David fell in love and started a forbidden relationship. While Snow was running from her stepmother, David ran from his pretend father, King George.


Season 1Edit

Charming arrives at the woods to see an apparently dead Snow White, lying in a glass coffin. Griefstricken, David requests that he say goodbye. The seven dwarves oblige and take the lid of the coffin. Charming kisses her goodbye, but the kiss magically wakes her up. The two, reunited, get married in front of the whole kingdom. However, Snow's stepmother Regina Mills arrives suddenly and threatens to take everyone in the kingdom's happiness away, especially Snow and David's. After this, David attempts to kill her with his sword, but she disappears. Months later, a pregnant Snow is still fretting about Regina's threat, so David takes her to see Rumplestiltskin, who can see the future. Rumplestiltskin says that the Dark Curse will consume everyone in the kingdom except the baby of Snow and David, who will save them in 28 years. On the night of the Dark Curse, Snow coincidentally gives birth to their child; Emma. However, realising that they are doomed, they give Emma her best chance by sending her away in a magic wardrobe which transports her to earth. Unfortunately though, Regina's knights invade the castle and David is fatally wounded. He collapses to the ground and is consumed by the Dark Curse. David is later seen in the Storybrooke hospital, in a coma.


  • S1, E1: "Pilot"